Meet Our Chefs

Harmony between tradition and innovation


Chef Chocolatier Pâtissier

Chef Yannick started his career as a pâtissier in France, working in several Michelin-starred restaurants. When he moved to England, he met his wife, who was visiting England from Japan. “Naturally I followed her back to Japan!” he says. When Chef Yannick first arrived in Japan, he joined a French restaurant called The Georgian Club in Roppongi where everyone else on staff was Japanese. Having lived in Japan for eight years, Chef Yannick says he really enjoys it. So, too, does he love his work at GODIVA. Every morning when I go to work, I feel a sense of fulfillment,” he says. “I think that I was born to be a pâtissier, and I love what I do.”

 “I’m really hungry to know what customers think about our products. I want to develop products that make our customers feel happy and satisfied. I’m always looking for feedback.” – Chef Yannick Chevolleau