Brussels: Cobbles Underfoot, Heaven in the Mouth

Chef Ilse Wilmots's 'Brussels' piece boasts a distinguished filling of rich caramelised hazelnut praliné ganache, elevated by crunchy pieces of brésilienne, encased in our iconic heart shaped dark chocolate shell.


London: City Summer under a Chocolate Umbrella

Chef Jean Apostolou's 'London' piece has a deliciously fresh strawberry ganache and a delicately soft white chocolate mousse flavoured with a hint of violet, balanced perfectly by a smooth white chocolate shell.

New York

New York: Sweets of the City that Never Sleeps

Chef Thierry Muret's 'New York' piece features a light and smooth cheesecake-flavoured mousse with crispy pieces of biscuit crumble, surrounded by an innovative caramel-flavoured blond chocolate couverture.


Tokyo: A Citrus and Sweet City Celebration

Chef Yannick Chevolleau's 'Tokyo' piece boasts an exceptional smooth Venezuelan milk chocolate ganache. Flavoured with a hint of yuzu combined with orange and grapefruit, the ganache is encased in a luscious milk chocolate shell.


Shanghai: Exquisite East Meets Wondrous West

Chef Philippe Daue's 'Shanghai' piece features a creamy lychee and white chocolate ganache enriched with crunchy roasted hazelnut nibs, encased in a crisp dark chocolate shell.