Truffe Délices Collection

Premium Belgian chocolatier, GODIVA, is proud to announce the launch of its exquisite new truffles collection, Truffe Délices Collection. Bursting with innovative flavour combinations and tantalizing textures, Truffes Delices will take truffle-lovers on a contemporary culinary journey to savour.

A proudly Belgian creation, the indulgent chocolate truffle has been considered as the 'ultimate' in chocolate craftsmanship since the early nineteenth century. GODIVA's expert chef chocolatier, Ilse Wilmots dreamed up Truffe Delices to celebrate, and to give a modern twist to, the luxurious truffle. She whipped up air-light mousse fillings, bold flavour combinations and thrilling textural contrasts for the stylish new collection.

Rooted in a 90 year legacy of producing beautiful chocolate creations, GODIVA's team of master chef chocolatiers are constantly innovating to push the boundaries of their art; Truffe Délices Collection is a stunning example of their chocolate mastery. A unique addition to GODIVA's wildly popular truffle portfolio, the new collection was created with the more adventurous palette in mind.

Each truffle's crispy outer shell conceals a light aerated melt-in-the-mouth mousse filling that is infused with explosive flavour combinations including: black tea and ginger, blood orange and grapefruit, coffee and blonde chocolate, raspberry and rose and almond with orange blossom. The deliciously light mousse fillings are encased in either intense dark chocolate or creamy milk chocolate shells.

Chef Ilse reveals her inspirations: "I wanted to celebrate the beauty of the traditional Belgian truffle in a fresh and modern way. I thought about how contrasting forces can come together to create something new and beautiful: the tensions between tradition and modernity, hard and soft, sweet and sharp. I believe these juxtapositions are what makes Truffe Delices so exciting".

The collection's chic packaging was created by GODIVA's team of New York-based designers to visually celebrate the collection's delightful contrasts. The light pastel hues of the artwork are a nod to the aerated mousse fillings, while the partially embossed packaging hints to the surprising multi-textural nature of the truffles.

GODIVA's Head of Global Packaging & Visual Merchandising, Maria Williams, explains: "We wanted the boxes to be something you want to touch and admire. Like the truffles themselves, the box was created to engage, and to thrill, all of the senses".