Truffe Délices Collection – Truffes

  • Fleur d'Oranger

    Fleur d'Oranger

    Balanced almond mousse, combined with delicate and intriguing orange blossom flavouring, moulded and enrobed with a delicious milk chocolate GODIVA couverture and finished with milk chocolate splitters and orange peel.

  • Agrumes


    Sumptuous blood orange mousse with grapefruit flavouring wrapped in rich, dark chocolate shell and generously enrobed with GODIVA's delicious milk chocolate, decorated with pieces of milk chocolate and refreshing lemon peels.

  • Thé Noir

    Thé Noir

    A delightfully light filling of black tea and ginger mousse is complemented by a milk chocolate shell and enrobed in GODIVA's dark chocolate covered with caramelized cocoa nibs and flecks of crispy chocolate.

  • Café Latte

    Café Latte

    Elegant and well balanced Robusta coffee mousse combined with GODIVA's unique blond chocolate with caramel notes and enrobed in delicious milk chocolate, rolled in a blend of dark and milk chocolate splitters.

  • Framboise-Rose


    Tangy raspberry filling with a hint of natural rose flavouring awaits inside a delicately crunchy dark chocolate shell covered in crisp raspberry and chocolate shavings.